cats of cyclades prt1

Summer 2020 it was a very strange period. So much different than all the previous years because of the, pandemic. It was difficult to travel, and still is, especially if you wanted to go abroad. So I thought that maybe it was easier to travel somewhere in Greece. Normally during summer it was very diffilcut for me to go anywhere because of my family business in tourism. But this year I had actually an oportunity to travel during September. So I decided to do island hopping in Cyclades.

The schedule was to visit 5 islands in 12 days. Syros-Iraklia-Schoinousa-Koufonisia-Santorini. These islands are quite different between each other but there is also something all have in common.


I saw cats everywhere. There is a strong conection between locals and these little animals. There was plenty of food and water for the cats outside of houses in the neiborhoods. So I assumed that the people had for some way adopted all these cats.

I’m not sure if this has some historical background. Maybe cats hunted the rats from ships in the previous centuries and kept islands clean. But this is just a guess. The thing is the locals loves cats and that’s obvious.

And cats it’s seem to enjoy this. There were very comfortable with people and sometimes they even pose in front of my lens. Not bad at all.

So, it was very a very interesting thing to capture. The relationship of cats and the societies in these islands it was a very strong. I love animals to be honest and seeing this bond made me very happy.

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