Empty Streets of Thessaloniki, part 2

This blog is the second part of my project about the second lockdown in the city of Thessaloniki. It’s a series of photographs from my neighborhood. Streets, parks, and urban areas. Places that are very different than usual during this period of social distancing. It is my try to show the feeling of this lockdown in the everyday life of people in the city.


A trail I often use when I go for a walk. It’s empty of people. I enjoy the view when I pass from there. It was a sunny day with a few interesting clouds in the sky.


The beginning of the trail. Usually, people come by from here for their daily walk.


Another empty trail. This is a part of a larger park close to my home. A place that many people and families choose to spend some quality time, especially when is nice weather.



The empty road on my way back home. A common thing these days of social distancing.


A boy walks in the empty street in the afternoon. Probably going to play with his friends. Kids have much free time these days as schools are closed and there only a few hours of online classes every week.

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