Fine art wildlife photography

I am Vasilis Moustakas, a fine art wildlife photographer. I love to capture the beauty of animals in their natural habitat and share it with the world through my gallery. The images you see here are available for purchase as fine-art photographic prints or wall decor.

group of dalmatian pelicans
Dalmatian pelicans in Lake Kerkini

What is fine art wildlife photography?

Fine art photography is an art form. It’s about capturing real emotions and moments rather than creating something that looks good on camera. It takes time, patience, and the ability to remain focused in any location. Capturing fine art wildlife photographs requires more than just being at the right place at the right time.

To be a wildlife photographer, you need to put your heart and soul into every single shot. It’s not about capturing a majestic scene as much as it is about telling an emotional story with each image.

It takes artistic vision, patience, and dedication to create a wildlife gallery. The process itself requires realism and authenticity. A fine-art photograph should capture a moment that you can cherish forever. Fine art is all about connecting with nature and capturing natural moments in a way that makes them look timeless.

Fine Art Wildlife Photography As Original Artwork For Your Home

Almost every tourist enjoys observing wildlife while traveling around the world. The photographs of these beautiful animals captured by me reflect their natural habitat. Wildlife photographs offer the chance of experiencing these sights for the first time and a second chance. Wildlife photos are an essential part of any home or office. They can turn any room into a fine work of art.

Wildlife images also represent the natural surroundings and reflect your connection with nature.

Every moment in nature is precious, and you never know when it will be gone forever. Photographs of animals in their environment capture these fleeting moments, making them look even more beautiful.

To capture a great shot, you must have some patience, dedication, and perseverance. Fine art wildlife and nature images are fine pieces of art that celebrate the glory of nature and capture its brilliance for you to enjoy forever.

Fine Art Wildlife Prints

Wildlife prints make for some of the most beautiful gifts. These nature prints are especially popular as special-occasion presents, Mother’s Day gifts, and Father’s Day presents. Still, fine art wildlife photos also make an excellent choice at any time of year or on any occasion!

Animal prints also make perfect additions to fine art-themed weddings and fine art decor for the home and office. Wildlife prints and nature photography wall decor make any space a fine work of art!

Wild Flamingos in Kalochori lagoon

Wildlife Images For Your Wall

Fine-art wildlife prints are great for bringing the feeling of nature into your home. As beautiful as they look in pictures, fine art wildlife photos also make for a special treat when you see them on your walls!

Wildlife photography is a popular choice as fine art decor because it takes some of the most breathtaking images from nature and immortalizes them as fine art wall decor.

Some of the best places to decorate your home with beautiful photo prints are in the living room, dining room, and bedroom. However, you can also hang wildlife prints in other parts of your home, such as the bathroom, hallway, or office.

Decorate Your Living Room And Not Only

  • The living room is a great place to start decorating your home with beautiful photo print. You can hang a large image above the fireplace or in another prominent spot in the room. Alternatively, you may hang a few smaller pieces of art on the walls of the space.
  • Another fantastic location to display a photo print is the dining room. You could put a big painting on the head table or in another prominent position in the room. Alternatively, you may hang a few smaller prints around the space.
  • The bedroom will look fantastic if you hang a beautiful print. Place a beautiful large print above your bed or a combination of a smaller collection of images.

You can decorate any wall in your home with wildlife photographs. Remember that you can constantly rotate photos to change up the look!

Decorate your home with photography

Office And Work Space Decor

You can also use my collections of images to decorate your office or workspace. Having some beautiful artwork on the walls can help to brighten up the room and make it more pleasant to work in. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you can choose to hang a large print or a few smaller prints.

You may also want to consider using nature photography as wall decor in your office. Having images of nature on your walls can help promote a feeling of peace and relaxation, which can be helpful when you’re trying to focus on a task.

Other Ideas

You can also hang wildlife photos in combination with other wall decors. Whether you choose to mix and match prints with family photos, paintings, posters, or other images, there are almost unlimited ways to display your fine art print. You can choose between many wall art materials:

Metal Prints

The metal print comes in various shapes and sizes, including horizontal, vertical, square, and panoramic. Available in multiple options, you can get your fine art animal photograph printed on a metal sheet with a textured finish or smooth stainless steel.

Acrylic Prints

If you want fine art wall decor that makes a statement, then acrylic print might be the perfect choice for you.

The acrylic metal print is made from lightweight plastic and features a high gloss finish, making it one of the more durable options for artwork. These stunning photograph prints capture the beauty of nature in fine detail and high contrast.

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas prints offer a sophisticated and artistic touch to any space. The fine art wall decor is made of finely woven fabric stretched over a wooden frame and comes in many different shapes and sizes according to your preference. Canvases make a trendy choice for photography wall decor, making them ideal as gifts!

Epic Prints

Amazing gallery-quality framed prints made from prints on Fujiflex silver halide photographic paper with up to 610dpi resolution, for high-precision clarity that’s as close to “perfect” as the photo gets—mounted to aluminum for a sleek profile and a flawless presentation.

a group of flamingos in the sea

From the artist

I’m a passionate nature and wildlife photographer. I believe that the world of photography is full of unlimited horizons, as it enables me to demonstrate my love for nature and wildlife.

I personally witnessed these beautiful creatures, and I feel so lucky for that. But all these animals are facing significant attacks, owing to habitat destruction, development, and climate change.

My intention is to give visitors a chance to look at them through my eyes and appreciate how beautiful they are and raise awareness and request the protection of these animals.

As a traveler and wildlife photographer, I like to take pictures of animals and the environment. I hope you can feel how beautiful our planet is when you see my photos.


As a wildlife photographer, I always want to show nature’s beauty. If that’s something you love too, then contact me for more information on what fine-art prints or wall decor are available to purchase. The images featured in this article are only a small sampling of what’s available here at Vasilis Moustakas Photography. Check out our website to see even more!

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