Small Cyclades

This is the second part of my island hopping photo story. I just left Syros. My destination is the Small Cyclades. Iraklia, Schoinousa and Koufonisia.

But first, I had to make a stop in Naxos. I walked in the port of Naxos, I visit the amazing Temple of Apollo with the famous Portara and enjoy the view from the hill. After few hours on the island, it was time for me to take the ship for Iraklia.

The famous Skopelitis is the legendary ship that connects Small Cyclades for many years now. It would be my ride for the next few days.

The famous Skopelitis

The famous Skopelitis

Iraklia is my first stop. Small and beautiful with great natural beauty. The most traditional island of all Small Cyclades in my opinion.

Schoinousa is my next destination. Just a few minutes away from Iraklia with Skopelitis. I had a great time there. The sea was amazing and the food was super tasty. I also enjoyed a lot the long hikes around the island. The island is so small that you can walk the whole island in few hours.

Koufonisia was my last destination in Small Cyclades. It was a photographic paradise for me. Beautiful seascapes, rocks, and caves. I used to wake up very early in the morning so I could catch the first light of the day. Also, the beaches on the island are just AMAZING.

I had the chance to meet and speak with many locals.

After my seven days in the islands, it’s time to say goodbye. It was a great experience and I hope I have to chance to visit them again.

Small-Cyclades-Travel-Photography-Vasilis-Moustakas (1).jpg

So, it’s time for my last stop in my island-hopping adventure. My next destination it’s maybe the most beautiful island in the world. Santorini

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