Snow Day

One of my main goals as a travel photographer is to visit winter destinations and create beautiful photographs for my portfolio. Winter landscapes covered in snow, high mountains, forests and hills. Cities and villages at high altitudes. A different way of life for the people. More cold and wild.

As travel is still restricted almost everywhere I focus my attention close to home. It’s uncommon to snow in city areas in Greece. But about two weeks ago a heavy snowfall in Thessaloniki made the city a ”white” landscape. It was a short weather phenomenon that lasted only about a few hours. But it was enough time to give me the chance to create some photos and have some a chance to show this different look of the city.

This photo story of my neighborhood in Thessaloniki, Greece becoming ”white” for few hours.

As I started my walk with my camera I was able to go to a local playground close to my home. I was empty of kids at that moment and I had a chance to take some photos. A place like this is kind of sad when it’s empty.

As I continued to wander around and walking through the park I tried to capture the general mood of the place. The place was pretty much alive as families started to arrive. It’s very rear to snow inside the city so it was a great opportunity for most to spend some time in the park and have some fun. Espiacily kids looked like really appreciated the play in the snow.

My favorite part it was to watch people with their dog walking around in the park. I always love this connection between humans and animals.

Nature is always beautiful with snow. Inside the city areas, of course, it’s not the ideal place to enjoy it. But even when you are in your neighborhood in a big city and you are surrounded by buildings and cars you can always find an even small piece of nature which is amazing.

That was my photo story. Travel is not always meant to be a long distance destination or an exotic place. It could your neighborhood. Your city. Anything outside your home. Just go outside and wander, be creative and enjoy.

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