the cats of cyclades part2

My travel in Cyclades continuous with more images of cats from the islands.


Cat sleeping in the alleys of Santorini.

I was starting my days in island very early in the morning. I wanted to capture the first light of the day. Most of times I was alone in the streets and I was wandering around. I had the chance to see many cats sleeping and relaxing.

These animals are very familiar with human presence and doesn’t seem to bother at all. For that reason I had a chance to take their picture with no problem and sometimes they look to enjoy the whole situation.


Cats relaxing at the staircase.

These three cats having a relaxing time in the early morning sun.


Cat posing in front of my lens.

I shot this picture in Iraklia, early in the morning.


Young cats in Cyclades.


Morning walk in Schoinousa.

I captured this image early in morning. The road was empty of people, so it was easier to photograph the animal with no other distraction.

Cat enjoys the view in Santorini.

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